Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TPR Feature: Mrs. Gorski, I Think I Have the Wiggle Fidgets


Mrs. Gorski, I Think I Have The Wiggle Fidgets is part of The Adventure of Everyday Geniuses series. This ebook is currently free at Amazon.  Purchase soon if you are interested, before the price changes.

I was so impressed with this book, that I wanted to let everyone know more about it. Here's more info from Amazon:
David doesn't know how he ends up in such situations. At the time, it just seems like a great idea. His teacher, Mrs. Gorski, has had about enough; he can tell by the way her voice changes when she speaks to him. This time, he believes that he has come up with the best idea yet. The perfect plan to make everything better.
This book, along with the other books in The Adventures of Everyday Geniuses series, are also available in hard copy. The other books in the series are:


“The Mainstream Connections Children's Book Series conveys a message that could have been lifted straight from a psychology research journal: there is more than one way to define ‘being smart’.  As these stories illustrate, for every person, large and small, there are skills that are relatively difficult to master and others that seem to come more naturally. These books emphasize the important empirical conclusion that just as regular exercise makes the body stronger, so, too, does practice and the effort to improve academically--with all the struggle, fatigue, and initial failure that it entails--allow people to capitalize on the malleable nature of human intelligence.”

Dr. Samuel R. Sommers, Tufts University
Professor of Psychology

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